Digital Space Business
Business Overview
Business Overview

Currently, as various media and contents are being digitalized for development and those media that compose the space are evolving
to digital from the existing analog, our DS business departments provide services for overall processes from master plan to
manufacturing, installation, trial operation, and follow-up management of the media that compose the space.

Product Introduction
Product Introduction

Possesses consulting and space design and installation capabilities to provide optimum opportunities to users by blending the special image with various sensor technologies


3-D consulting, Space information D/B construction, and 3-D broadcasting system, Special exhibition facilities


Space and exhibition hall


Interactive media system (museum)


Interactive media system (entertainment hall)

Production System
Production System
  • Implementing vivid virtual space through holographic media, kinetic sensor, and 3-D rendering engine in 3-D space
  • With graphic information acquired from sensors, it can display various space and exhibition presentations without separate electronic devices.
  • Direct haptic experience of the fossil excavation scene in virtual space using a force feedback haptic device
  • Implementation of the holographic media with transparent LCD and high-intensity DID LCD panel to use the multilayer display system
  • Expression of an S/W-like 3-D sense of space and volume of objects in real-time using the 3-D rendering engine
  • Mapping of the earth’s image and producing a realistic image using three projectors on the real hemisphere
  • Implementation of AR image to see the earth on real-time basis using a high-definition HMD device and the visualization function of the real-time 3-D rendering engine
  • Use of the projection mapping technology, one of the methods of the 3-D data visualization that uses the real-time 3D rendering engine
  • Provides smartphone users with AR contents through the markers on the screen
  • Operate the interactive media in a graphic kiosk using the projector that applies edge blending technology and kinetic motion perception
  • Virtual makeup and picture painting using an imaging processing module with the 3-D rendering engine, which produces synthesized real-time images
  • As a representative product that uses multi projection technology, it projects many images onto the 360 degree panorama screen to produce whole images as one image, allowing people to feel as if they were seeing the real image.
  • Hologram device that shows the color and flow changes through the stereoscopic mapping of the blood aperture on the transparent bronze human model
  • Background wall change: Projection of images that illustrate the past to the present, such as the vertical flow of the letters in Dongui Bogam, and the change of the landscape from the Joseon Dynasty to the current modern city and society
4D System

Project, Screen, 4D Sets, Show Control System, Audio System, Video System, 4D Effect System

Dome System

4K Project, Dome Screen, Graphics server system

Holographic  System

Project, Holographic  Screen, Audio System, Video System

Media Facade  System & Mapping System

Project, Audio System, Video System

Simulators System

Motion Base, LED Display, Audio System, Video System, Control System

Business Results
Business Results


Constructed KCA Viewer Media Center Infra/ Buy Service Goods

-Ssangyoung Information & Communications Co., Ltd.


Supplied equipments to Geological Museum an exhibit hall

-Geological Museum


Constructed Resort Integrated System for Highone Switchbag Resort

-Maverick System Co.


Additional construction of the KCA Audience Media Center

-Korea Communications Agency (KCA)


China Zhengzhou Library u-Service system construction

-T1 Systems



Broadcasting script DB latest file script construction commissioned service contract

-Korea Creative Contents Agency


Digital cultural asset contents generation service contract

-Cultural Heritage Administration


China Phoenix Media Façade production

-Jiangsu Phoenix Publication Co., Ltd.


Broadcasting script DB construction commissioned service contract

-Korea Creative Contents Agency


Geological Museum experience education exhibition hall construction

-The One C & C


Customs office CCTV sharing device installation work in Busan New Port general situation room

-Busan New Port Security Corporation



Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries education operation and informatization of infra replacement and extension

-Incheon Regional Public Procurement Service


Military civil complaint service advancement / DBMS S/W purchase

-Seoul Regional Public Procurement Service


Korea National College of Agriculture and Fisheries education operation and informatization of infra replacement and extension

-Incheon Regional Public Procurement Service


Seoul Medical Center medical record image visualization work contract

-Bit Computer Co., Ltd.


2011 National DB forum operation contract

-National Information Society Agency