SI/NI Business
Business Overview
Business Overview

The SI/NI business departments of LIX SOULUTION have accumulated high level of technology and abundant experiences in
various SI/NI fields with the development of wire and wireless ICT industry.They providehigh-level IT services
based on a systematic business quality assurance system.

Possession Technologies
Possession Technologies

Possesses general communication network design technologies based on practical experiences for about 50 years, with
professional experts in each area Possesses consulting, design, and installation technologies for
wire and wireless communications, multimedia, surveillance, and other system solutions.

Wire and wireless network and communication security system
Multimedia / image system
Integrated control and surveillance system
Server / storage and Cloud system
Introduction of Solutions

Wire and wireless communication

  • Ethernet Switch, Router
  • Wi-Fi, transmission equipment
  • WAN/application acceleration
  • Communication security andmanagement system

Sound / Image

  • VoIP, Softswitch, IP PBX
  • IPTV, andimaging system

System / Cloud

  • Server and storage (for Telco and other enterprises)
  • NAS/SAN Controller
  • System dualization and backup solution
  • Vitualization/Cloud solution
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Customer Support
Customer Support